Course: Product Innovation and Marketing Innovation

Innovation Marketing
23 students

What you will Learn

Innovation in the Fragrance & Flavor space continues to grow in importance , as growth in consumer demand on issues like transparency and wellness.

On this course you acquire a knowledge of frameworks for value creation. Join us as we Learn to overcome the challenges that start-ups and established companies have in order promote and sustain innovation and entrepreneurship during these challenging times.

  • 15 hours teaching 
  • Quiz of 50 Questions – To test your knowledge
  • 150+ SLIDES
  • Chart Your Career With How to Create Your Own Value Proposition
Career Value Proposition
Chart your own career by developing your own Value Proposition
  • Create a Snack Flavor Design

Snack Food - “Unexpected Adult Flavor Twists”





Design a Flavor Footprint for a Snack Food to be Combined with a Craft Ale

  • Be Trained to Use Semiotics to Analyse Flavor and Fragrance




Training the next generation of professionals for the flavor & fragrance industry. I work in Grasse the world capital of perfumes. The author of multiple modules for the Université Côte d’Azur Masters in Fragrance Flavour course. A sensory marketing psychologist in the area where the technical language of fragrance and flavor chemistry is separated by a chasm from that of the marketer and consumer.