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My Clients —What they have to say about me

His insights have significantly improved products

 “Nathaniel worked on a number of projects with me including three in depth consumer studies on behalf of clients, and also through his ongoing consultancy and advice. He has an ability to get the heart of consumer motivations, emotional responses and full taste profiles in a way I’ve not seen from other researchers. In addition, he is able to turn his insights into solutions and strategies for clients which have resulted in significantly improved products, NPD, re-branding and better comms. Would always recommend Nathaniel for any food, drink or sensory work.”

Tom Gulliver

Tom Gulliver
Marketing, Commercial Strategy and Planning, Lantmännen Unibake (now Hovis)



He kick started our soft drink positioning

“Excellently insightful consultancy on the role of flavour and food in creating positive memories to help kick start a soft drink positioning project. Nathaniel brought his depth of understanding of the semiotics of food and flavour, combined it with his familiarity with the 18-25 year old target market and identified tangible brand and product examples to help us develop our abstract brand thinking and bring it to life for our client.” 

Claire SmithClaire Smith
Consumer Insights, for Suntory



Prepares students for the working world

“I have worked with Nathaniel as part of our Msc Management of the Flavor & Fragrance Industry. He managed effectively his courses and allow our student to have a broad overview of the industry.

Thanks to his skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, he catched the attention of our students and prepare them to the working world, with a professional point of view!”

Claire Dikidjian
Claire Dikidjian
Université Côte d’Azur



His research inspired our NPD team

“The summary deck landed very well and has inspired our team. The project was really useful and has really helped us understand the dynamics of fresh white bread and what we can do to improve our white bread offer.”

Helen Williams

Helen Williams
Head of Insight, AB World Foods

Nathaniel Davis —Consultant

Hi my name is Nathaniel Davis, I am here for crafting your Food, Drink or Fragrance Success.

With decades of experience as a food, soft drink, flavor, and fragrance consultant, I specialise in stirring emotions, tantalising tastes, delightful flavours, satisfying mouthfeels, and unforgettable aftertastes.

My expertise goes beyond research; I’m also a storyteller who has shared marketing adventures globally and served as a guest lecturer at renowned universities. Join me on this flavorful journey.

Specializing in Branding, FMCG, Food & Drink, Marketing, and Product Innovation, I’m your trusted partner in the food and drink industry. Let’s work together to fix your strategy, create innovative brands, and achieve NPD pipeline success.

Contact me for me to show how I can elevate your food and drink ventures.






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