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Unlock the full potential of your research projects with our tailored solutions that ensure success at every stage.


Let’s elevate your brand with a seasoned Worldwide Food & Memory Consultant, the NPD Hero! With a track record of slashing failure rates from 80% to 14%, I’m your Taste-Driven Emotions Pro. With 30+ brand launches under my belt, I’m here to help you succeed. Let’s conquer mountains together!

Method Design, Project Setup or Full Service Research

If you’re ready to take charge, I’ve got your back. Whether you need method and sample design, platform setup, or participant recruitment and incentives, I have got both the online and off line tools and expertise to make it happen seamlessly.


I provide training to empower food developers, marketers, and perfumers, enabling them to excel in planning and conducting sensory qualitative studies that deliver actionable insights and growth.  I’ve crafted 10+ acclaimed curriculum modules for you.