Course: English for Senses

English for Senses
19 students



What you will Learn

Having a command of key vocabulary is key for work in Fragrance & Flavor Sensory Marketing and NPD.

The course provides specific vocabulary related to the fragrance and flavor world . Allowing you to know how to communicate with prime actors of the value chain (from sales to creation, R&d,  even production) in order to talk the same language.

  • 2 hours teaching 
  • 50 Question Quiz
  • 70+ SLIDES



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    1.1 Why this Course is Needed 1.2 Goals of the Course 1.3 Examination Assessment Details 1.4 Revision Tips 1.5 Choosing What Words for Direct Instruction 1.6 Tiers of Vocabulary


Training the next generation of professionals for the flavor & fragrance industry. I work in Grasse the world capital of perfumes. The author of multiple modules for the Université Côte d’Azur Masters in Fragrance Flavour course. A sensory marketing psychologist in the area where the technical language of fragrance and flavor chemistry is separated by a chasm from that of the marketer and consumer.