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What Can I Do
For You?

I offer a range of premium food insight services, assisting my clients on complex and significant matters all over the world.[/vc_column_text][rowshape type=”rowshape_8″ position=”bottom” height=”60″ color=”#ffffff”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

My Key Services

New Product Development

I am well experienced with New Product Development teams, with high success rates. I have worked on numerous launches in a range of food & drink sectors. I have helped our clients bring successful new products to market. My experience spans a wide variety of meal, snack and beverages.

How do you make sure you don’t make mistakes?

I find the key tastes and signals that are delivering the very brand essence of the experience of what makes an FMCG great. I provide a “Bridge of Language” between what the consumer experiences, what therefore marketing requires, and provides a template for R&D to match. As such, I provide R&D with clear innovation pointers as we have defined the footprint of the brand. Such a powerful and very practical innovation tool, a system for improving the eat or drink of existing products, or helping to create new products that are both better targeted and to consume, than they might otherwise be. It is so easy without this understanding to move outside it and make multiple errors.


I have successfully acted in some of the most complex product reformulation projects in the world. My experienced and highly skilled team will manage all aspects of your reformulation from start to finish. I ensure that consumers will not look elsewhere for the same reward once you have changed the product. We assess how changes to the recipe fit with your brand’s desired range of emotions.

As when changing recipes, or reducing costs-in-use of ingredients, it is important to ensure that your new product formulations deliver the required inner-directed emotional rewards of the original. Thus, the goal is to ensure that consumers will not look elsewhere for the same reward once you have changed the product. What you need to do is to find the individual tastes, mouthfeels, textures etc. which are responsible for key emotional responses. You need to assess how these emotional responses, to the new recipe, fit with the brand’s desired range of emotions.

Insight into Advertising & Packaging

I am a strong player in both the advertising and packaging insight scenes. I strategically advise my clients on brand positioning and communication to deliver elements that are central to your brand promise. I am able to define the emotional experience of the consumer allowing you to modify the communications so that the experience delivered exceeds expectations — delivering delight and enhancing loyalty. It is only by absolutely defining the experience emotionally and in accurate sensory terms that we will be able to optimise the communications message for the target consumer. So that once I understand fully the Consumption Experience I map the actual delivered emotions in consumption so that we can advise on what the the ideal expectations should be generated by the branding and communications messages.

Our sectors

I operate in a range of sectors, with expertise in:

  • Marketing
  • Food & Drink Manufacturers
  • Innovation
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Packing Design
  • Retail
  • FMCG

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