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In the early days made so many mistakes, I don't think. How long is this interview? Like 20 hours. I'm Andy Katz Mayfield. I'm one of the co-founders and co CEOs of Harris. Harries is a vertically integrated men's grooming brand. Harris was born out of a personal experience that I had. I've run out of razor blades and they were locked away in a case which I found to be somewhat absurd, like I wasn't buying diamond jewelry as buying razor blades. And then I spent like twenty five dollars on four razor blades and some shaving cream and felt like I was getting taken advantage of. I think there's a couple of things that make it really hard to sort of be disruptive in this industry. One is that it's really, really hard to manufacture the product. Just the process to grind steel and get high quality, sharp, durable blades is a complicated process. There's very few factories out there that do it. Historically, if you were gonna go sell product at retail, it's really hard to sort of compete for for shelf space. And so for us, we're able to sell direct to consumers online, provide a completely different experience and not worry about, you know, competing head to head. So when we sell it, yeah, we sold out like I think a week or 10 days after we launched something like that. And it was like, yeah, there's a part of it that's like, oh, awesome. Like there's all this demand. There was a part of it was like, oh, shit. Like we got to figure out how to go make more product.

All the guys in our company just stopped shaving until we went back in stock, which was amusing.

We recognized pretty early on that being vertically integrated in this industry was going to be important because it's so hard to make the product. There's such scarcity of supply out there in manufacturers that can make high quality razor blade. We didn't really know we were gonna have the opportunity to buy a factory two months after we launch. But the town of Ice fell where the factories located in Germany is this small little German town. It's really where all our factories, the biggest employer, it is kind of part of the fabric of the town. And so it's it's not Soho for sure. Disruption, I think, is is looking at the status quo and just figuring out a better way to do something. We certainly like we're the disruptor right now, but like disruptors often get big and then get disrupted and like, we'd like to not have that happen to us.

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