Name: Cedramber®
Latin Name: Cedrol Methyl Ether
My Aroma Description (Perfumer’s Notes): amber, cedar, woody, bark, dry, dusty, ambergris, tar, earthy vetiver, soft, sweet
Archetypal Fragrances: Cool Water by Davidoff.
Raw Material Family: Woody
Note: Base
Type: Aroma Chemical / Molecule/
Where From: IFF
Emotional Rewards Prioritised: The aroma of Cedramber commonly creates the following emotions:[visualizer id=”669″]The graph above shows what emotions Cedramber often creates and the relative level of importance.



Cedramber is made from Cedrol is a sesquiterpene alcohol found in the essential oil of conifers (cedar oil). *

Via excellent Pell Wall website, where he quotes Arcadi Boix Camps saying it is one of his favourite aromatics. He states that it has an “extraordinary and has a bright quality between amber and patchouli”. It’s character makes it a favourite for men’s fragrance. Moreover, it being used alongside Vertofix which it softens and enhances and gives a great ambergris-like exalting effect at a very economical price (again from Pell Wall). Arcadi Boix Camps adds that “(Cedramber) is used as a substitute for ambergris and “fixes marvellously well the floral-aldehydic notes of undecylenic and cyclamen aldehydes, Lilial, Lyral and others”.

Pawrker25mv on basenotes describes Cedramber as – “Mildly sweet cedar, with all the harsh, “pencil shavings” smell removed. If you want a soft, sweet, well-behaved cedar base.*

For further reading on Cedars per se I suggest this article by Mat Yudov