Cosmetics Design Europe Interview: Fragrance Marketing Must Consider Consumer Emotions Says Expert

I am delighted to be Interviewed for Cosmetics Design Europe. Full article here

“The fragrance industry is well placed to give relief and help people back to “normal” after a plethora and uncertainty and difficulty this year.”

“People during quarantine have either been working very, very hard because business models have been changed, and some of these people have been very busy and not been taking time for a lot of self-care. Some people have been put on a kind of pause and gone more towards self-care and rituals but driven both by anxiety, fear, sense of loss (…) and they’ve been using products that are then going to get them back onto an even keel. And in fragrance, we’ve been doing that for years. The fragrance industry is well placed to give relief and help people back into ‘the normal’,” he said.

The full story is here by Kacey Culliney


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