Next Course: Consumer Profiles, Trend Analysis, Insights & Semiology

Nathaniel Davis is pleased to announce that the next Flavor & Fragrance course on his platform: is “Consumer Profiles, Trend Analysis, Insights & Semiology”

 Course Objective(s) of the course:

In such a dynamic environment it makes sense to keep track of the competition, culture and changing customer tastes. In this course, we establish why Consumer Profiles, Insights, Semiotics and Trends are so important. Providing reasons, case studies, and training of why they make such an important contribution to overall competitive success. Consumer Profiling is a fundamental concept of marketing and it is a key to successful business performance. This course will set out in a very straight forward way how they can be made properly.
The course then looks at the valuable concept of ‘insight’. Insight has become so common a term in modern marketing, that it has become as become a substitute for ‘research’. An ‘insight’ and ‘research’ are not the same things. An Insight has value as it can be directly related to a brand or business growth. This course looks at how Semiotics allows marketers to understand the socio-cultural forces that drive consumers.


  • Understand what Consumer Profiles are and to Create and use Consumer Personas
  • Differentiate between merely interesting insights versus those that lead to more fundamental strategic actions, innovation, and opportunities for growth.
  • Learn and apply the idea that insight and business strategy are linked
  • Learn how to use Secondary Trend data from research suppliers in order to ride the next big consumer trend
  • Apply Semiotic or Insight techniques for course work (for creative fragrance or flavor brief or track a new product release)


  1. Key Elements of World-Class Marketing & Importance of Customer Profiling
  2. How to produce Customer Profiles
  3. Insights. What they are and what they are not
  4. Trend analysis How to use commercially produced trend reports for your benefit
  5. Semiotics. Using both sides of the equation; Saussurian and Peircean Semiotics to understand ‘cultural codes’ plus how ‘meaning’ is created

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