Course: Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing

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What you will Learn

The Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing course guides you throughout your sensory marketing journey. Contains all you need in order to run your own sensory marketing group

  • 30+ VIDEOS
  • AUDIO Recordings of  Focus Group 
  • 2 E-BOOKS


  • Have the techniques to test the emotional reward of your fragrance or flavor products
  • Learn my best tools for recording the emotions evoked by a competitor fragrance or flavor
  • Create and moderate a sensory marketing focus group. 
  • I teach you How to recruit, run, analyse and present actionable results from your own sensory marketing research focus group 
  • Understand  How advertising works – evaluate an advertising brand strategy 
  • Master the connection between flavor, fragrance and emotions. Learn how to create preference
  • Understand Why certain brands, flavours and fragrances fail and what you can do to fix it

I have spent the past 12 months recording my distilled wisdom from over fifteen years of my sensorial marketing knowledge in order to pass onto you.

The Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing is a highly complex subject thought I’ve put it in simple to follow manner.

We talk of our head and our heart. Science is often considered objective and factual, where fragrance language is subjective and full of metaphor. Science is valued based on its usefulness and facts lead. Marketing, on the other hand, is valued due to its influence on human emotion, while art is appreciated for its aesthetic value.

I will show you, on this course that the role of Fragrance and Flavor Marketing it is both an art and a science

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  • You keep hitting the same problems
  • You’re leaving growth up to chance

The Package has everything you need to develop & grow yourself in “The Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing”. 

Access to my Grasse syllabus sessions. At a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training.

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