Name: Dihydromyrcenol
Alternative Names: DHM; 2,6-dimethyloct-7-en-2-ol
My Aroma Description (Perfumer’s Notes): Fresh, clean, lime, sour lemon, lavender, bergamot, bitter, citrus, coriander, metallic, sweet citrus, floral, artificial, soap
Archetypal Fragrances: Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
Raw Material Family: Citrus
Note: Top
Type: Aroma Chemical / Molecule/
Emotional Rewards Prioritised: The aroma of Dihydromyrcenol commonly creates the following emotions:[visualizer id=”638″] The graph above shows what emotions Dihydromyrcenol often creates and the relative level of importance.



It is used in and in citrus, crisp and lime-like perfumes as it replaces the use of citrus oil. Citrus essential oils contain large amounts of the allergenic limonene plus they are highly sensitive to oxidation.

It is estimated the market for Dihydromyrcenol in the European Union is a massive 4400 tonnes per year (from 1 October 2005 to 30 September 2006). This widespread use in fragrances, soaps, detergents, air fresheners might mean that it is too mainstream for a sophisticated consumer positioning or with consumers who view themselves as too discerning to use a generic scent.

According to Roja Dove it was originally used as a detergent odorant but hit the big time when it was used in Cool Water by Davidoff – the fragrance captured the world’s attention upon its launch in 1988 and has been copied by numerous brands since *


Name: Lemon
Latin Name: Citrus limon
My Aroma Description (Perfumer’s Notes): zesty, citrus, hint of sweetness, cordial, fresh, natural, ripe peel, acidic-freshness, astringent, sour
Archetypal Fragrances: Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue
Raw Material Family: Citrus (Hesperide)
Note: Top
Type: Essential Oil
Where From: Italy (Menton)
Emotional Rewards Prioritised: The aroma of Lemon commonly creates the following emotions: [visualizer id=”457″]The graph above shows what emotions Lemon often creates and the relative level of importance.



Lemon is full of bright stimulation, a powerful taste and aroma meaning both a powerful mental stimulant. The response for consumers is the aroma awakens and stimulates bringing their mind alive and alert. In both fragrance and flavour taste consumers like the clean sense that lemon leaves. It gives a clean, refreshed pure feel.

For drinks flavouring, once the sharp taste of Lemon is mastered by consumers it provides wonderful refreshment; a pit of tongue taste hit, varying levels of astringency and, therefore, world-class refreshment. With it a refreshed, clean pure mouthfeel. Examples include (Perrier with Lemon, Tonic Water with Lemon, 7 up etc. A perfumist can therefore use Lemon to trigger these learnt responses.

In fragrance Marina Milojević of Fragrantica states…“This zesty scent blends well with floral notes of geranium, lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang. It also builds a nice olfactory harmony in combination with citronella, lime, neroli, orange and sage. Lemon note is one of the lightest notes and it is often used as a lovely bright and sparkling top note. The luminous aroma of lemon is a common ingredient in light and invigorating summer fragrances.”

Within food flavouring Citrus could be used for its intensity and freshness and works extremely well when contrasted with a distinctly different rear mouth character of similar intensity.



Name: Lime
Latin Name: Citrus aurantifolia
My Aroma Description (Perfumer’s Notes): sparkling, vivacious, very refreshing, sharp lemon, highly sour, a zesty top note. Writing in Fragrantica Marina Milojević describes Lime as “...its aroma is dryer, lighter and sweeter than of the lemon and at same time more intensive*
Archetypal Fragrances: Extract of West Indian Limes by Geo F Trumper
Raw Material Family: Citrus
Note: Top
Type: Essential Oil
Where From: West Indies, Mexico
Emotional Rewards Prioritised: The aroma of Lime commonly creates the following emotions: [visualizer id=”474″]The graph above shows what emotions Lime often creates and the relative level of importance.



It provides a re-vitalising, rejuvenating, refined and refreshing lift to the spirits. Lime awakens the mind in a safe stimulating manner.

I remember how a friend was desperately trying to source Limes for an imminently arriving house guest.  With it’s powerful and persuasive emotional reward it’s no wonder it is must have ingredient.