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Nathaniel Davis' on the "Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing" Course

Nathaniel Davis' on the "Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing" Course

In this comprehensive and complete course, from master researcher Nathaniel Davis (“writer of multiple modules on ) the university Côte d’Azur Managment of Flavor & Fragrance Masters course) takes you through the key principles of Flavor and Fragrance Preference.

What People Are Saying:

“Thanks to his skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, he catched the attention of our students and prepare them to the working world, with a professionnal point of view!” — Claire DIKIDJIAN
PROJECT MANAGER MSc Management of the Flavor & Fragrance Industry | Grasse

This course includes the fundamentals of how to Assess New Fragrances or Food and drinks & how to research Concepts at Early Stages of Design and finished products.

It ALSO includes Nathaniel’s Fragrance and Flavour Reseach approach he will guide you through his process to completely research a products emotional reward.

Plus, as a BONUS for purchasing the complete course you will also get additional audio files of live group recordings, PDF work book print outs, and even his exact taste and aroma files that he use so that you can analyse flavours and fragrances as if you were sitting right by him. This course includes over 30 Video Tutorials. 

Whether you are a traditional flavorist, perfumer or work in marketing this course is for you! We know you’ll learn something new!

Course Includes the Following:

4 Fundamentals of Flavor and Fragrance Marketing 

This course covers the ” 4 Principles of Flavor & Fragrance Marketing” as originally pioneered by him at Insight in Foods who worked directly under Thornton Mustard. This course includes 13 HD Video Tutorials.

Fix a product that’s not selling in one region 

Watch as Nathaniel takes you through his approach to How to Research & Fix When a Product is Not Selling Well in Another Geographic Marketplace  

Downloads & Toolkit

As a BONUS for purchasing the The Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing course we have included a variety of bonus and supplemental files. ENJOY!

List of Bonus Files:

  • Audio recordings of toolkit in use 
  • Personality wheel
  • Sample Pyschographics wheel
  • Taste and aroma profile
  • Screener questionnaires
  • English Language english language
  • with English or Spanish subtitles 

NOTE: This bonus material is cannot be bought for individual purchases and may only be acquired via the “The Role of Fragrance, Flavor and Taste in Modern Marketing Course”.


Their team has provided fragrance, flavor, taste and texture guidance to the top global fragrance, food & drink brands.  Specialising in the emotional messages from consumption. 

This methodology has been utilised with leading brands like:

  • Coca-Cola
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Mars Confectionery
  • Unilever
  • Red Bull plus many more.

Projects have covered UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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