Exaltolide® (Angelica Musk)


Name: Exaltolide®
Alternative Names: Angelica Musk, Cyclopentadecanolide
Aroma Description (Perfumer’s Notes): Description from Pell Wall: sweet, musky-animal, rich, herbal. From An introduction to Perfumery by Tony Curtis and David G Williams; a Blackberry, Musk that is Sweet and Delicate.

From Fulviomisi Aroma Profile : intense, sweet, soft, skin-like, ambrette, floral. cosmetic aspect. Diffusive. Whereas the Flavour Profile is: Vanilla bean, powdery heliotropine, creamy and liquorice, Light fruity, berry like, vanilla, creamy

Archetypal Fragrances: Dry down on Anaïs Anaïs (1978) by Cacharel
Raw Material Family: Musk, Synthetic Musk
Note: Base
Type: Molecules
Where From: Firmenich
Emotional Rewards Prioritised: The aroma of Exaltolide® commonly creates the following emotions:[visualizer id=”765″] The graph above shows what emotions Exaltolide® often creates and the relative level of importance.



Cyclopentadecanolide (Exaltolide) occurs in small quantities in angelica root essential oil and is responsible for its musklike odor.[*]

It is used as a musklike perfume fixative in fine fragrances and as a flavoring agent. It is a substitute for the extremely expensive animal musk.

The Firmenich data sheet on Exaltolide® states that it is “one of the finest synthetic musk notes that possesses a very natural quality.” Exaltolide® adds “depth and roundness to a wide variety of creations but it also has a synergistic effect on the bouquet of a fragrance.” It has an especially sensual effect on skin.

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