Touch is one the most essential but overlooked elements of the sensory marketing mix. Human beings thrive on touch. Insight on Foods commissioned a study into the key customer demographic Generation Y (born after 1980). The results are startling, revealing an alarming picture of large numbers of facebook “friends” but lacking togetherness, touch, precious moments, plus an increasing sense of insecurity. This lack of touch (Cutaneous deprivation) causes emotional problems.

Looking at eating, this involves all the senses but touch such as the weight, crunch, melt of the product is especially important. The texture, richness and weight of the product’s dissolve signals powerful messages that set up emotional feelings. Like the slow flow of a cheesecake or rich chocolate pudding provides a slow flow, and a deep relaxation with strong feelings of escape and reverie.

The message of a product is a complex one and requires deconstructing. The texture? The melt? How much does the flavour contribute to the experience? Do they work in synergy or sequentially? Looking over the whole in mouth journey you find various “mouthfeels”, individual tastes, visual and aroma notes plus all the emotional responses they trigger.