Aromas spark the non-conscious mind spectacularly well. It is thus possible to design fragrances in order to elicit certain emotional responses. We are all familiar with food retailers circulating the smell of freshly-baked breads. However, smells create a wider more intricate range of emotions than consumers have the language to comment on.  

When describing smell, most consumers can only come up with a dozen or so sparse words. So in order to elicit the thoughts of the non-conscious mind a complete methodology and index of consumer knowledge is required. Insight on Foods, the food research consultancy, has this knowledge of global research on over 4,000 products in established national markets; UK, Europe, America and China.

In food, agreeable aromas can trigger the appetite and produce saliva based on learnt incidents and emotions. However, the scent must with the other elements of the brand strategy otherwise it would be an inferior emotional fit for the consumer.